Intellectual Khazanah as a media for Balitbangda Jambi Province contains articles/scientific works resulting from research, studies and literature reviews whose scope and focus are in the fields of government and regulatory studies, Government Policy and Regional Development, Political Policy, Economic Policy, Health Policy, Agricultural Policy, Financial and Environmental Policies, which can be used as policy material and recommendations for the government. Balitbangda Jambi Province through Khazanah Intelektual also becomes a forum for researchers, lecturers, students, ASN, and certain functional groups, as well as the general public, in publishing articles or scientific works. Intellectual Khazanah is published 3 times a year (April, August, December). Intellectual Property has been registered on the Garuda-Ristekbrin portal, indexed in the CrossRef System and Sinta 4 so that all articles will receive a DOI number. The editors realize that the Intellectual Treasure is still far from perfect. Therefore, we always welcome constructive criticism and suggestions. Finally, the editor would like to thank the Bestari partners who were willing to provide input and review articles in this edition. Thanks are also expressed to the editors who have given their time so that this Intellectual Property can be published properly. The writings in this journal can provide benefits and inspiration for readers.


Open Access Policies

The journal provides immediate open access to its content on the principle that making research freely available to the public supports greater global scientific exchange. All articles published in Open Access will be permanently free for everyone to read and download. We will continue to work with our author community to select the best choice of licensing options, currently for journals choosing the following licenses.